Do you enjoy photography, but lack the necessary skills? The Ar Agor Photographic Club, which meets every Thursday during school time, provides easy to follow teaching courses for the novice and the more advanced amateur photographer.

We believe picture taking should be an enjoyable pastime, so why not come along and see for yourself or for further details simply contact us.

Who is eligible for membership?

Membership will be open to all individuals aged 16 years and over.

The club membership shall be OPEN, but non-party political or non sectarian in religion. With equal opportunities for men and women, black/ethnic minority and the disabled.

Junior membership will be permitted for those aged 10 to 16 years of age.

However, junior members must be chaperoned at all times by an identified adult and written permission by a parent or guardian is required for attendance. Junior members may attend meetings, but will not have the right to vote.

All members must complete the appropriate application for membership form and agree to abide by the constitution/rules of the club. Membership is subject to the approval of the committee.

Resignation and termination of membership

Any member of the club may resign their membership and resign any such position by giving written notice to the Secretary.

How do I join?

Anyone wanting to join the photographic club should fill out an application form.
These can be obtained on a Thursday night at a meeting or upon request from a committee member.

Please contact Brian Taylor on 07972863575