Code of Conduct

We would request that all members adhere to the Club's Code of Conduct as detailed below. We really want you to enjoy yourself, have fun, make new friends and learn more about photography.
At all meetings/club events, any offensive behaviour, including racist, sexist or inflammatory remarks shall not be permitted, and constitutes a breach of reasonable behaviour.

  • Please respect other people's property
  • We ask that all mobile phones are switched off or changed to silent mode during meetings
  • The club's equipment is not to be used or taken from the premises without prior consent of the committee
  • If any member's behaviour causes concern, incidences will be respectfully dealt with and a private interview with the member(s) concerned will be actioned by the Chairperson or Secretary. Two committee officers will be present at any folow-up interview and discussion notes will be taken. The committee can suspend any member(s) until such time as they agree to again act in a reasonable manner.

The committee will consider withdrawing membership status completely if the behaviour is considered detrimental to the overall welfare of the Ar Agor Photographic Club.

The committee's decision is final.