About us

We provide a weekly open evening drop-in session for advice and help with photographic issues.
We aim to:

  • Promote the development of photographic art and technique by providing opportunity for individual tuition, group discussion, mutual assistance amongst members and the exchange of ideas;
  • Facilitate specialised training sessions and practical demonstrations of using photographic tools and equipment;
  • Organise field trips of photographic interest to provide opportunities for practical experience;
  • Provide opportunity to support photographic projects to record areas of interest in the environment, heritage and social development and decline;
  • To hold in-house competitions to encourage participation and development of skills in the production and presentation of photographs;
  • To provide encouragement for those with interest and skills to enter national and international competitions;
  • Thursday evenings provide the perfect environment where you can:
    • Acquire new skills
    • Practice
    • Share
    • Meet new friends and lots more!

Click here for details of committee members.

Information on our field trips is here.