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new image processing tool ( looks awesome)

for those interested in speeding up your processing in lightroom take a look at a new gadget called the loupe deck .

2 part challenge

here is the overdue photo i was talking about , not a great picture but it shows the challenge i wanted to emphasise.
firstly the camera settings when i took .
shot at f8 , 1600 iso , 1/640 , focal length 24mm . about 2pm this afternoon in bright sunlight.
No filters were used and nothing to block the light .
No processing in photoshop , except 1/3 of a stop added to exposure in camera raw .

Now the photo would suggest a slow shutter speed , but shooting at iso 1600 and 1/640 sec , is by no means slow enough to freeze some of the water in this shot .

battle of the cameras

typical photographer


zomei and haida filters and more

there seemed to be some interest in the brand of filters i use , bought from eBay so i have some info for those interested . this is the link for the zomei filter set which is the one i purchased and is a lovely bit of kit


this is also a good starting point to search for the other items in this brand .

i'm pleased with this

even thought it got rejected from the phoenix comp , hahaha

tonights camera lesson

thought i would get the ball rolling with the result of tonights practical exercise , and give us all a chance to show them off .

new 3d printer to market

Has anyone seen the new glow forge 3d printer ..
really worth a view on you tube for anyone interested thats if you have a spare 5 grand .


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