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Trying Things Out

I have been experimenting with a technique called Focus Stacking, that is a way of increasing the Depth of Field to produce seemingly difficult ranges.

It can be used in close up Macro style photography, and Landscape to give yo an image with a Depth of Field that otherwise may appear very difficult or impossible to achieve.

I found the following software to be quite easy to use and create interesting results.

The first is free, and is somewhat basic, but seems to work when you get used to its layout.

Bit of Educational Fun ?

Sat wandering the web as one sometimes does I found this web location with a DoF (Depth of Field) simulator, played about a bit and thought it illustrated things quite well.

Quite Informative

Having a rummage about on a miserable Sunday afternoon, as one does, I stumbled on this site and found it quite useful, why so surprising? having chosen the Canon system, why on earth would I be nosing about the Nikon site, not sure, but having looked at their explanations, and checking out the Canon nomenclature, thought I'd post the link for folks to have a look and perhaps pick up some titbits. Mine was the Second Curtain Flash Setting.

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