Bit of Educational Fun ?

Sat wandering the web as one sometimes does I found this web location with a DoF (Depth of Field) simulator, played about a bit and thought it illustrated things quite well.

Advice on Best Camera

Interesting article entitled: Which is the best digital SLR camera under 1000$ for beginner?

new image processing tool ( looks awesome)

for those interested in speeding up your processing in lightroom take a look at a new gadget called the loupe deck .

Quite Informative

Having a rummage about on a miserable Sunday afternoon, as one does, I stumbled on this site and found it quite useful, why so surprising? having chosen the Canon system, why on earth would I be nosing about the Nikon site, not sure, but having looked at their explanations, and checking out the Canon nomenclature, thought I'd post the link for folks to have a look and perhaps pick up some titbits. Mine was the Second Curtain Flash Setting.

2 part challenge

here is the overdue photo i was talking about , not a great picture but it shows the challenge i wanted to emphasise.
firstly the camera settings when i took .
shot at f8 , 1600 iso , 1/640 , focal length 24mm . about 2pm this afternoon in bright sunlight.
No filters were used and nothing to block the light .
No processing in photoshop , except 1/3 of a stop added to exposure in camera raw .

Now the photo would suggest a slow shutter speed , but shooting at iso 1600 and 1/640 sec , is by no means slow enough to freeze some of the water in this shot .

battle of the cameras

typical photographer

Photobook offer

There is a new photobook offer which expires on the 1st July.

I have had two of these books and they are excellent for the money.

HDR 4 software package from Franzis

As a ‘Pentax User’ newsletter reader, I came across Franzis, a German publishing and software company, who have been in existence since the early nineties.

Franzis produce a range of software packages for the photographer, but not being familiar with this company I researched online reviews. All were favourable, but one posted by the chairperson of the Brighton and Hove branch of the Royal Photographic Society, recommended a package called HDR 4, which was discounted from £60.49 to £24.95.


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