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Tesco Bags of Help Scheme
The club has been awarded funding under the Tesco Bags of Help scheme and between 1st July and 31st August, customers at Tesco Extra Merthyr Tydfil will have an opportunity to support the club by placing the blue shopping tokens they receive at the checkouts and placing them in the Ar Agor Photographic Club box located near the exits. Please support the club, as every purchase made and every token placed in the box will provide us with essential teaching aids. Please note that you are not always given the tokens by the cashier. You sometimes have to ask for them.Thank you.

Farewell and Thank You!
Gerald and Ryan Marsh are moving away from the area and will be unable to continue with the club. We thank them for their consistent support and effort over the past years and wish them every success in their new ventures.

Summer Break
Summer break will extend until 7th September.
Please use this time to produce some images to make into a Triptych. Further information may be gathered from Committee members via email

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